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Love is something most of us take for granted. I for one know this to be true and sadly it took losing my husband to realize this. I always thought he would be with me and we would grow old together. The love I shared with Joe truly was a “once in a lifetime” kind of love. Many people don’t get a chance to experience what I shared with him and that’s heart breaking. We could feel each others presence without actually knowing the other was near. We completed one another’s thoughts and or sentences on a regular basis. All either of us wanted was to truly make the other person happy above our own happiness.

He’s been gone for 10 months and at this moment I can’t imagine loving another or wanting to. There’s no room in my heart for anyone else because I’m consumed with my love for him. I don’t understand how people enter into a new relationship within the first year after losing someone. Regardless of how you lose a loved one, to me it’s a slap in the face to the one you loved if you are able to move on so quickly. If it’s fear of being alone, then those are the ones who truly need the time alone to heal and do some soul searching. I know our loved ones wouldn’t want us to be lonely, but to move onto someone else in such a short time is mind blowing to me. I might be the only person that feels this way, and honestly that’s fine by me.