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All my previous blogs were serious, this one is quite different. Some may laugh while others may question my sanity. None the less, these are my thoughts.

Since I was forced into being single, there are particular things that now plague my mind that I never really worried about (mainly because I knew what Joe liked). Some people tend to get comfortable in a relationship and let themselves go, which is the case with myself. I’m trying to pull myself back together piece by piece and once again take pride in how I look and present myself to the outside world.

I find myself asking questions such as; lace, silk, cotton, and/or thong, bikini, cheeky, boy cut? What is considered sexy nowadays, cause I’m clueless? Not that I’m looking for anyone, but I want to feel sexy. Because we all know when a woman feels sexy and confident, she holds her head up high and walks with such confidence. I’m not nor have I ever been a fashion person and I normally don’t pick the most flattering clothes for my body type. I’m literally a work in progress from the inside out.